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The Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) Program started accepting HFCs for disposal on February 1, 2017 and applied a levy of $0.50/kg on HFCs sold for use in the stationary sector to fund their collection and disposal.  RMC is pleased to announce that the HVACR industry embraced the news and have been returning their HFCs to RMC for disposal.  To date, HFC volumes account for 35% of program volumes received.

The RMC Board conducted an in-depth financial analysis of the program during their May Board meeting.  They reviewed the program volumes, the impact the import prohibition of HCFCs will have in 2020, refrigerant inventories and industry trends and determined that an increase in the HCFC and HFC levies are needed to ensure the RMC Program has sufficient funds to handle the expected influx of refrigerants over the next couple of years.

Therefore, on July 1, 2017 the environmental levy on the sales of new and reclaimed HCFCs or HCFC blends, as well as HFCs and HFC blends sold into the Canadian HVACR sector will increase as follows:

  • HCFC Levy will increase by $1.00, increasing the levy rate to $4.50 per kilogram.
  • HFC Levy will increase by $0.50, increasing the levy rate to $1.00 per kilogram.

RMC has collected and destroyed over 3.6 million kilograms of surplus refrigerant waste and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 636,368 tCO2e.  To date, the cost to collect and properly dispose of the surplus refrigerant has been more than $56 million or $3.5 million per year of operation.  RMC provides the HVACR industry with the means to easily comply with Halocarbon P2 Plan, which was approved by Environment and Climate Change Canada back in May, 2016 which stipulates that all importers of halocarbon refrigerants used in the stationary sector be part of a stewardship program to manage them through to end of life.  

Contact: April Heeley, Refrigerant Management Canada, 1 (800) 267-2231 ext. 239, aheeley@hrai.ca.