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Efficiency Canada is developing a campaign to “put a human face” on the various industries (including HVACR) that make up the “Energy Efficiency” sector.  The public campaign, called “Our Human Energy” will present profiles of the “broad diversity of energy efficiency workers in Canada, showcasing people from different backgrounds, genders, and age groups. Our Human Energy is a reflection of Canada’s rich diversity, which we want to celebrate.”  Efficiency Canada has made a strong case that investment in energy efficiency not only delivers environmental benefits and cost savings to Canadians; it also creates and supports meaningful jobs in important trades and service industries like HVACR.  The campaign will enable contractors, engineers, architects, tech workers, utility employees and other to show that they are proud of helping Canadians reduce their costs, improve the comfort of their homes and grow their businesses.

If you have someone working in your company who you think exemplifies the positive role that the HVACR industry can and does play in advancing energy efficiency goals, please send an email with their name, position and a short profile to Martin Luymes at mluymes@hrai.ca by March 29th, 2019.

HRAI will compile a list of suitable candidates and will forward information to Efficiency Canada.