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Summer 2016 has been a hot one so far, and most people have been focused on staying cool with cold drinks and heavy-duty air conditioners. However, even with the sunny skies and long warm evenings, there’s no time like the present when it comes to talking to your customers about their winter heating needs.

While it might sound crazy to be even thinking about heating projects in August, there are benefits to both you and your customers to starting the conversation now. Cold weather can hit anytime and starting the discussion early will ensure that your customers aren’t scrambling for a furnace repair or home retrofit. And, you won’t be scrambling either-- starting the winter season well in advance will help you manage your projects and be well prepared for rapid drops in temperature that could increase demand.

Talking about heating early also gives you time to offer your customers different options and ultimately sell more. When holiday season draws near, budgets may be tighter and customers might only spring for the quickest, cheapest product or service available. On the other hand, planning in advance allows them to reflect on such considerations as quality, environmental impact and ease and cost of repair.

Offering financing with Financeit is a great complement to these discussions. While a new furnace or a heating pump upgrade may not seem feasible for some customers right now--especially before heating is really needed-- an affordable monthly payment plan can make these purchases manageable and still helps them get ahead of the game before the chillier months creep up on us. With competitive interest rates, they won’t be caught off guard by fees and they can always make lump sum payments if an unexpected holiday bonus comes through. And, as with all of Financeit’s programs, you get paid in full once the job is complete, so you won’t have to worry about cash flow.

Get you and your customers ready for the season ahead by signing to become a Financeit partner today. For more information about Financeit’s financing solutions, please visit http://www.financeit.io


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