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There are some similarities and differences  between the Ontario Save on Energy Heating and Cooling Program and the Gas Utility Home Renovation Programs that participating Ontario Contractors need to be aware of.

Please note the following:

  • Customers who receive an in-home audit and install eligible HVAC equipment as part of their participation in Enbridge Gas Distribution's Home Energy Conservation Program and/or Union Gas's Home Reno Rebate program, will not be eligible to receive a rebate through the Heating & Cooling Program.
  • If your customer indicates that they are participating in the Enbridge or Union Home Renovation Programs, Contractors are NOT required to enter the customer's application into the Heating & Cooling Online Submission System
  • For clarity, the customer WILL be eligible to receive the same rebate values that are available in the Heating & Cooling Program for the same eligible HVAC equipment, but the incentive will be provided to customers directly following completion of their second in-home audit and they will receive their incentive payment (or rebate) on the HVAC equipment installed from either Enbridge Gas Distribution or Union Gas.
  • Customers can only receive an incentive on eligible HVAC equipment through EITHER (may not receive incentives for both) the Heating & Cooling Program OR the Gas company's Home Renovation programs.
  • No in-home audits are required for customers accessing incentives via the Heating & Cooling Program.

If you have further questions about the Gas Utility Home Renovation programs please contact your local gas utility directly.