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HRAI has continued its outreach efforts to the Ontario provincial government over the past couple of months as we seek to introduce HRAI to the various new provincial cabinet ministers and their staff.  Over and above our inputs on specific government policies and directions, HRAI’s message to elected officials, policy advisors and civil servants is to consult with HRAI and its members to enhance their understanding of the HVACR sector, which will better inform their policy and legislative process.

 The primary objectives at this point are twofold:

  • To share our message that the HVACR sector can help the government with its goals to helping citizens and organizations to reduce energy costs as well as to reduce carbon emissions caused by energy use, and
  • To seek information and clarification on various policy directions including:
  • The Climate Change Advisory Panel - scheduled to start work in 2020,
  • The Ontario Carbon Trust program,
  • Harmonization efforts at the Regulatory Cooperation Table, in particular the need to harmonize Energy Efficiency standards, and
  • The next steps regarding the Ontario College of Trades consultation.

Ontario College of Trades

As was reported in the January newsletter, unfortunately, the expected consultations about the next steps for the Ontario College of Trades have been ‘paused indefinitely’.  HRAI will continue to work to ensure that the Hon. Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development understands the need to begin to consult with the HVACR sector about the next steps with and the transition for the Ontario College of Trades.

 Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks:
In particular, HRAI sees opportunities where HRAI and the HVACR sector can work proactively to activate the private sector through the Ontario Carbon Trust program. This is a $400 million trust created from the former Cap and Trade program.  HRAI is looking to understand the goals of this program and we want to ensure that the HVACR sector’s expertise is utilized and that the full suite of energy efficient, cost effective heating/cooling solutions which the HVACR sector can provide are well understood.

 HRAI, and we believe the HVACR sector more broadly, understands that it has a significant role to play regarding climate change and working towards solutions to reduce carbon emissions, to increase energy efficiency and to reduce energy costs.   Not only is climate change an increasingly important priority for Ontario citizens and it is also one that represents a significant economic development opportunity for the HVACR sector. 

Members’ Feedback is Important – We want to hear from you.

Members have clearly indicated in surveys that they place a high value on the advocacy work HRAI conducts on their behalf.  We want to ensure members are aware of our Government Relations activities and that we value your input, information and feedback members would like to contribute.

 Taking a proactive, ongoing, consultative approach will aim to ensure that we remain aware and informed of the provincial government’s direction on various issues.  More importantly, it will work to ensure the various ministers and ministry staff are better educated and informed about the policy needs of our sector.

Do you have questions, concerns, and interesting information to share?  Please get in touch!

Dorothy McCabe, Government Relations Specialist – Ontario – dmccabe@hrai.ca and by phone at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 274