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On Friday, September 8th, the Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA), an affiliate association of HRAI will launch its first monthly e-newsletter IN THE LOOP.

The online magazine will produce content across the geoexchange sector, tapping into provincial and federal government agendas, showcasing innovative projects province-wide and monitoring current local, national and international trends and breaking news impacting the industry.

To deliver top quality content, the OGA will pull from the internal expertise of OGA board members as well as the external, local and national experts and consultants in the industry.

The launch of IN THE LOOP comes at a prime time when (1) the interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency is on the rise in Ontario and (2) the OGA is working feverishly and diligently with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to develop a program of supports (rebates) for people who purchase geothermal systems.

The e-publication will be available for free to industry and non-industry stakeholders interested in keeping informed on the bourgeoning Ontario geothermal sector.

To sign up for monthly e-newsletters of IN THE LOOP please visit http://www.ontariogeothermal.ca/news.html