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HRAI and the Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) have been working on a new “Customer Stories Program” for the OGA that is set to launch during August. 

The OGA-funded program will employ printed word, still photographs, video, social media, web sites and mainstream media with a goal of educating the Ontario public about the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling.

The program focuses on storytelling about customers who have installed systems and how they feel about those systems. It also shares key details about the economic, technical and environmental aspects of geothermal.

“In the past, a single story about one incorrectly installed system, out of 10,000 great ones, gets media coverage, and can negatively colour the image of a highly successful, clean heating and cooling choice,” says OGA President Jim Bolger. “To address that, we’re collecting and publishing positive case studies about geothermal use in homes and businesses from all across the province.”

During the program launch period, the OGA will use online tools and send news releases to mainstream media in the Stratford, Toronto and Morrisburg areas, all at once.  That will be followed by releases in a few new areas each month over the course of the next couple of years. The goal is to create a high level of awareness about geothermal as an excellent clean energy choice, and a viable heating and cooling option for Ontarians.

OGA members are involved in the program, working with communications people to help select customers, set up photo sessions, participate in interviews, use the content with their own web properties, and act as contact people for local mainstream media.

To participate in this initiative please contact Bruce Nagy, bruce.nagy@rogers.com .