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HRAI Members Designers and Contractors: how do you address changing heating and cooling needs resulting from housing market trends towards: 

  • attached, tall, and open concept designs
  • more energy efficient construction practices
  • clients with high comfort expectations and information from the internet?

The LEEP Gas Mechanicals Technology Forum was developed in response to challenges raised by builders through the Home Builders’ Association network. It focuses on the needs of today’s housing and opportunities to improve comfort and efficiency, while reducing cost, mechanical footprint, bulkheads, and box outs.  The Forum includes: 

  1. A PANEL SESSION on housing market trends and the impacts they are having on mechanicals needs -- with Sean Wadsworth (Branthaven Homes); Andy Oding (Building Knowledge); Adam Sylvestre (HVAC Designs)and Tony Di Clemente (Aria Comfort).  
  2. A DEMONSTRATION showing how to quickly make decisions to improve performance and address cost at the pre-design stage using a new guide -- with Sean and Adam.
  3. CASE STUDY HOME SOLUTIONS with four manufacturers selected by Canadian gas utilities that will each put forward their best practice system for the same case study home and cost it.  

More details including registration info can be found at:


For more information contact Mark Rippon at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 223 or e-mail: mrippon@hrai.ca