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NRCan to Commence Implementation of “Market Transformation Roadmap”

 As members are aware, HRAI, along with other industry representatives, has been engaged with the federal, provincial and territorial governments for the past two years in the development of the “Market Transformation Roadmap” for space heating, water heating and windows as part of the Pan Canadian Framework and the drive to “decarbonise” buildings.

 This plan was endorsed by all provinces and territories at the August 2018 Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference.

In the past several months, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has put together a “governance structure” that will guide the implementation of activities to support the Roadmap and to ensure ongoing collaboration and coordination between government and industry. The governance structure will:

  • Help coordinate work, facilitate linkages and share information among stakeholders;
  • Build on existing work underway and provide a layer of coordination, collaboration and strategy for how to fill the gaps;
  • Provide a forum for sharing ideas and problem solving;
  • Prevent duplication of efforts;
  • Ensure all key players are represented and expertise provided.

The governance structure, announced to stakeholders on June 10th, will include a Federal, Provincial, Territorial Steering Committee comprised of government representatives, who will be responsible for ensuring that relevant ministries within their jurisdiction are appropriately engaged throughout the implementation of the roadmap.

There will also be a “Roadmap Implementation Advisory Council,” comprised of “senior-level representatives across a broad cross-section including governments, industry experts, association representatives, utilities, and supply chain representatives.”  This committee will be co-chaired by Jamie Hulan, NRCan, and Martin Luymes, HRAI.

NRCan will be outsourcing an “operating agent” to act as a secretariat to the Advisory Council, ensuring continuity and follow-through on directions taken. 

Inputting into the Council will be three technology-focused “Implementation Teams” (for space heating, water heating, and windows), which will will “provide technical input and assessments of existing activities supporting the roadmap and propose new activities related to research, development and deployment to address main barriers identified.”

The space heating implementation team will be co-chaired by Victor Hyman (Emco) and Martin Kegel (CanmetEnergy), the water heating team will be chaired by Dave Hammond (A.O. Smith) and Martin Thomas (CanmetEnergy) and the windows team will be co-chaired by Jeff Baker (Fenestration Canada) and Rob Singlehurst (NRCan OEE).

The Implementation Teams will be filled out over the next few weeks and it is expected that they will consist of representatives from governments, industry (small & large), association representatives and utilities (gas and electric).  These volunteers will provide expertise on R&D and deployment, and will represent all parts of the country

NRCan hopes that by the fall of 2019, these teams will: 1) identify and prioritize activities that can achieve “early wins”; 2) develop a work plan that balances the longer-term projects (versus the activities that are already well underway); and 3) propose actions and resources needed to ensure successful completion of the activities.

Meanwhile, NRCan has agreed to conduct a “lay of the land” exercise to document existing and planned activities which support the roadmap initiatives.  This will include scanning existing public sources of funding for projects and linking these to roadmap initiatives.

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 235, or email mluymes@hrai.ca.