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Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) issued a notice on March 6th to report that the Department is proceeding with the development of Amendment 15 to introduce or update energy efficiency standards and, where applicable, test methods and associated reporting and compliance requirements for the 17 product categories listed below. The intent is to align 11 of the 17 product categories with energy efficiency standards in force or expected to be in force in the United States, subject to an analysis of Canadian market conditions. For the remaining 6 product categories, NRCan will undertake an analysis of the environmental and economic impacts of moving to more stringent standards.

Products for which NRCan will consider more stringent standards than those of the United States are indicated with an “*” in the table below.


Next steps

Over the next few months, NRCan will consult with representatives of industry including HRAI members, non-governmental organizations, the public and other stakeholders. Input received during these consultations will be considered during the development of the Amendment 15 proposal. As part of this consultative process, technical bulletins will be released to collect stakeholder views on the new requirements being considered for each of the product categories listed above.

NRCan will undertake a cost-benefit analysis using the best available Canadian market data to assess the economic and environmental impacts of Amendment 15 and to ensure Canadian consumers and businesses benefit from its implementation.

The Government of Canada intends to pre-publish a regulatory proposal in the Canada Gazette, Part I, within two years of the publication of this notice.

For more information, contact Caroline Czajko at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 234 or email cczajko@hrai.ca