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In line with the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, and the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference (EMMC) Framework and Action Plan for collaboration on energy efficiency standards, Natural Resources Canada’ Office of Energy Efficiency recently announced it will be hosting consultations in March with a view to:

1)      Share federal-provincial-territorial governments’ aspirational goals for market transformation in space/water heating equipment in the short, medium and long term;

2)      Engage with industry in a candid and informal discussion about the key barriers and challenges associated with moving the market towards those aspirational goals; and

3)      Understand what is needed from governments to overcome key barriers and maximize success in achieving the aspirational goals.

HRAI will represent members at consultations on March 28th.  The outcome of these workshops will help support governments in drafting high-level market transformation strategies for consideration at the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference. These strategies will be used to “further engage stakeholders in detailed discussions and road-mapping to support achievement of aspirational goals and enable future regulations.” It is expected that the federal government will continue to take the approach of supporting and trying to align provincial initiatives on climate change mitigation, as much as possible.

While HRAI has had informal discussions with the federal government, this is the first opportunity for the industry to influence the policies and direction in relation to the government’s climate change commitments.  HRAI will make information available to members and broaden consultation as the opportunity arises.

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 235 or email mluymes@hrai.ca.