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On November 23rd, HRAI hosted a Peer Exchange Program (PEP) Formation meeting resulting in the creation of a new PEP group.  This brings the number of active PEP groups to three.  Two of the groups are primarily residential and based in Ontario while the third group is more geared towards the commercial sector and national in scope.

HRAI Contractor members form PEP groups to share valuable business knowledge with each other in addition to making friends and networking.  With the assistance of HRAI staff, members of HRAI’s Contractors Division can form groups of approximately 6-12 non-competing contractors, matched according to their business type, size, marketing orientation and other factors. These groups offer contractors an opportunity to work together and improve their bottom line through this contractor-to-contractor business mentoring program. 

“PEP groups are a great way for non-competing contractors to learn from each other.  HRAI encourages those interested in this program to research it and if it seems like a good fit, submit a PEP application,” stated HRAI’s President, Warren Heeley.

HRAI contractor members interested in joining or forming a PEP group are encouraged to visit http://www.hrai.ca/peer-exchange-program

For more information about the Peer Exchange Program or to submit your completed PEP application, contact Scott Papp at 1.800.267.2231/905.602.4700 ext. 233, via email at spapp@hrai.ca.