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Further to the notice issued on May 29, 2017, the IESO has released an amendment to the form of the HVAC Contractor Participation Agreement (to align with the forthcoming Program changes launching July 1). HRAI is requesting that Participating Ontario HVAC Contractors execute the revised form of the HVAC Contractor Participation Agreement by June 30, 2017, in which case the current HVAC Contractor Participation Agreement will be terminated and superseded by the amended one.

If an executed copy of the amended HVAC Contractor Participation Agreement is not provided to HRAI by June 30th 2017, the IESO will terminate the current Agreement, effective immediately, with notice to the Participating HVAC Contractor.

Program Support for Contractors:

HRAI Inquiries   1-800-267-2231

Contractor Registration / Account Support

Assistance with registration, online profile (adding new technicians/users, update company information, etc.), login issues, or general initiative information.   Jessica Findlay, ext 236 or jfindlay@hrai.ca

Contractor Claim Support

Assistance with claims, understanding declined claims, or correcting customer claims.    

Nichola Welsh, ext 244 or nwelsh@hrai.ca.

Equipment Listings / Complaints / Audits

Assistance with adding furnace or AHRI listings online, place complaints, or recommend installation audits.          Sarah Coleman, ext 248 or scoleman@hrai.ca