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HRAI members in the market for new company vehicles should make it habit of informing their leasing company or dealership that they are an HRAI Member.  HRAI already has concession pricing in place with Fiat Chrysler, and has just signed a special pricing agreement with Nissan Canada.

Concession discount fleet pricing ranges from $1500.00 on the low end to around $15,000.00 on the high end, per vehicle.  Members will generally need to have a Fleet Account Number with the manufacturer, as well as proof that they are an HRAI Member.  HRAI staff can provide dealers and leasing companies with a letter informing them of a company’s membership status with HRAI on request. 

HRAI will continue to seek out special fleet pricing for its members from other vehicle manufacturers.

For more information contact: Scott Papp, Manager of Divisional Programs (Contractors) 1-800-267-2231 ext. 233 or spapp@hrai.ca