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August is fast approaching and HRAI has had a great turnout of registrants to this year’s Annual Conference. Register today and don’t forget to book yourhotel rooms.  They're going fast.  Cut off for rooms has been extended to July will be August 2nd, 2019.     

We have a great line up of speakers on topic that will peak everyone’s interest.  

Session subjects appealing to Contractors

Succession planning for your business.  How to make it lucrative.

What logistical measures should contractor be aware of when working on high-rises buildings?

HRAI’s New Mechanical Vent training – more information, more flexibility and better learning experience

Growing your business with Social Media and Digital Marketing; explained by a baby boomer

Geothermal  - A developers talk on what projects are in the works

Session subjects appealing to Wholesalers and Manufactures

New Refrigerant landscape – what to watch out for

Expressing the true value of energy projects – how to sell energy

Sales Scams in the HVAC/R Industry and How to Protect Yourself and Your Business

Digital marketing at the Manufacturing and wholesaler levels – we are all going after the same audience.  What’s the best way to combine efforts and be smart about our Smart Display marketing!

Networking event you won’t want to miss.

Open to every attendee, get special access to the Jackson Triggs state of the art chilling system and winery.  You won’t want the miss this session. We’ve rolled into one over the top session that combines networking, fun, food, wine tasting and a learning experience.

Check out the speakers hereCheck out who is will be at this year’s event.

Register today.

Call Daisy Del Prado at 800-267-2231 x226 or email here.