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Natural Resources Canada has pre-published Amendment 15 in the Canada Gazette Part I, representing a significant milestone for Natural Resources Canada’s continued work under its Forward Regulatory Plan for 2018-2020.

Amendment 15

  • Proposed amendments to the Energy Efficiency Regulations have been pre-published, along with a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement.
  • Pre-publication initiates a 70-day comment period, which will end on December 29, 2018.
  • Natural Resources Canada welcomes formal, written comments to nrcan.equipment-equipement.rncan@canada.ca at any point throughout the 70-day period and encourages stakeholders to submit comments as soon as possible to allow for early analysis of any potential changes to the proposal to address concerns.
  • All comments will be taken into consideration in the development of the final Regulations that will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II.
  • Please note that some divisions of the Regulations that are being updated in Amendment 15 are also being modified by Amendment 14, which is expected to be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II on October 31, 2018.
  • The final publication date will depend on the number and nature of comments received during the comment period.

Equipment included in this amendment includes the following:

  • Residential: oil boilers, electric furnaces, gas boilers*, instantaneous water heaters*, heat recovery ventilators (testing), gas furnaces*, gas fireplaces
  • Commercial: gas boilers*, gas storage and instantaneous water heaters*, commercial electric water heaters

*proposing unique Canadian standards

This amendment would become effective in 2020. HRAI, AHRI and CIPH will gather comments from members to submit on behalf of the industry. 

Stakeholders are encouraged to visit Natural Resources Canada’s website for more information and to register for upcoming webinars on the proposed amendment to the Energy Efficiency Regulations.

For more information contact Caroline Czajko at 905-602 47700 ext. 234 | cczajko@hrai.ca

OR Change Lee at 905-602-4700 ext. 268 | clee@hrai.ca