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Earlier this month HRAI’s Wholesalers Division hosted a webinar featuring guest speaker Mark Dancer. Mark reviewed benchmarks for gauging your company’s digital progress. A great exchange of ideas flowed for driving forward in the digital age. Mark is a channel strategist with a passion for innovation.

If you were unable to attend the webinar “Leading in the Digital Age: Finding Opportunities and Avoiding Disruption” members can view a recording of the presentation by clicking on this link.

View Recording

Members’ questions lead to discussions on job requirements in organizations to lead digital and innovation efforts.  Mark emphasized increased focus on digital analytics.  He noted that just looking at analytics on a page will not do your company justice.   He recommended referencing a paper written by Jim Sterne, Chair of the Digital Analytics Association https://www.digitalanalyticsassociation.org

It was evident that companies need to be doing a bit of everything when it comes to digital tools, not only CRM systems, E-Commerce, social media, etc.   Mark also shared research that suggests that this will be increasingly important over the next few years.

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For more information, contact Caroline Czajko at HRAI, e-mail: cczajko@hrai.ca