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On March 21st & 22nd, 2018, 23 Secondary and Post-Secondary competitors were vying for the chance at winning a 4-hour HVAC challenge at the CMPX Exposition.

HRAI and the Skills Committee put together another successful biennial CMPX ‘Heating Systems Gauntlet’ competition for Secondary and Post-Secondary students enrolled in HVAC programs within various Southern Ontario schools.

This competition, the only skilled trade competition at CMPX, is an opportunity for these students to demonstrate, through practical application, their skills and task knowledge in the HVAC industry. With the Heating Systems Gauntlet, the CMPX Exposition had a higher level of excitement and energy!

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Seven Secondary school students were assigned the task of installing a humidifier, and installing and setting up a thermostat. Sixteen Post-Secondary students were challenged to install an HRV or ERV and then commission a furnace to ensure total functionality.


Even as early as 7:30 am, within the Skills Center booth, the energy was tense and the pressure was daunting while the students fervently worked at completing their 4-hour task! Within 8 stations, 8 judges were tirelessly critiquing, guiding, and marking each competitor, only to do it again with the next set of competitors. At the end of each day, the scoring ensued and the winners were acknowledged!


A special congratulations to our Secondary school winners:  In First place, Bryce Sellers from Elmira District SS; in Second place, Lucas D’Annibale from College Avenue SS; and, in Third place, Josh Bigelow from Westlane SS.  Other students from these schools, as well as Central Technical Secondary school, also participated.

And, much applause goes to our Post-Secondary winners:  In First place, Calvin Burgess from George Brown College; in Second place, Robert Bratton from Georgian College; and, in Third place, Zach Hiltz from Centennial College. More students from these colleges also participated, as well as students from North American Trade Schools (London Branch) and HiMark Occupational Institution.

We thank all the students of the competition for participating, and for being willing and courageous in challenging themselves at such a long, arduous assignment.

And, many thanks to the hard-working volunteer members of the HRAI/Skills Committee, as well as other HVAC specialists, for being fantastic dedicated judges!

However, all these events wouldn’t be made possible without the generous donations of equipment and funding by B&B Trades, Bardon Supplies, ClimateCare, Honeywell, Reliance Home Comfort, Rheem, RHVCA, TML Supply, Union Gas (an Enbridge company), Universal Electronics (UEI), Venmar/VanEE, and through the monetary support of the HRAI Chapters – Golden Horseshoe, GTA, National Capital, and Waterloo-Wellington.

For those interested in becoming a volunteer and/or donor in CMPX 2020, please contact gdiecidue@hrai.ca.