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As mentioned in a previous newsletter, now is a time when management of marketing for contractors is under pressure from sophisticated competitors. Google, Home Depot and others are getting involved in sales leads for home improvements.HRAI19082018d

It’s probably a good idea to participate with Google, but to also implement a fallback strategy. For example, once you are in the program, the reviews and star rankings generated there stay within the platform. You lose them if you leave the program. So build your own customer lists and capture your own reviews.

At minimum, HVAC marketers should review some of the detail on a ‘Google Guaranteed’ program that may soon be offered in your city. Expert David Squires provides information on how the program works, how your company can work with Google, and also how you can ensure you have a parallel plan to protect your interests.

SEO Writing Expert, Bradley Shaw provides 10 HVAC Marketing Strategies to help grow HVAC businesses in 2018 and beyond. They deal with search engine optimization, mobile device marketing, social media, video and more.

Another good resource in the SEO area is Becca Starkes. Check out her article here. It compares and analyses the effectiveness of Google’s pay-per click, Facebook, other social media; and the characteristics of your web site and email programs.

If you are most concerned about your web site being modernized, you can find 11 tips aimed at HVAC from GOTCH SEO, here.

The key point is that there is a great deal of information online about how to do better marketing in the modern age, and experts who can help you improve in an area that can be a confusing.