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If your HVAC business is growing very quickly, or you’ve just joined a company with a shortage of resources in the management office, HRAI may be able to offer relief in the area of Human Resources management.

Maybe there are numerous crews and trucks, or a new client with mutliple locations that need immediate help from qualified technicians. Perhps there is no HR manager and/or few documented HR procedures or policies. If everything has been handled casually until now, the company may be vulnerable to different kinds of employee problems and liability.HRAI19082018f

HRAI has developed the Essential Employee Management Toolkit (EEMT). It has recently been updated and provides all the tools needed for policies, employee handbook, hiring support and more.

It comes with many of the documents needed by a professional organization such as job descriptions, employment agreements, and performance review forms. You can just affix your company’s logo to the top of each document, do a few tweaks, and you’re up and running.

The recent EEMT update adds new material on alcohol & drugs in the workplace, outside employment policy, disability accommodations, social media policy and several other contemporary topics.

The order form for the EEMT can be found here. For more information contact Catherine Contreras at (905) 602-4700 ext. 255 or 1-800-267-233 ext. 264 or ccontreras@hrai.ca