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Calling all hydronic system experts! The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is seeking volunteers with a technical understanding of hydronic systems and specific knowledge of heat transfer fluid treatment for its Hydronic Standards Committee. The committee will work on the development of IAPMO H1001.1.

The standard will establish guidelines to maintain hydronic system heat transfer fluid quality over the life of the system. According to IAPMO, “some hydronic systems fail to reach or maintain their highest potential efficiencies due to poor water quality establishment and maintenance practices.” The new standard will address this challenge.

Committee members will be responsible for the development of new standards and review of public input. Volunteers should be HVAC experts, jurisdictional authorities or testing lab and educational facility representatives.

More information is available from Les Nelson at 909-218-8112 or les.nelson@iapmo.org. The deadline to submit the application is May 8. Interested parties can apply here: http://forms.iapmo.org/iapmo/committee/app_ps_committee.aspx

Link: Official call for experts as reported at