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In this newsletter HRAI is introducing a new information services for member benefit. Going forward, we will be producing themed discussions on a variety of topics that we believe will be of interest to members.  Today’s newsletter will focus on “Digital Transformation” in the HVACR industry.

We invite your comments and feedback on the content we will be sharing, on the idea of themed discussions in general, as well as any recommendations for potential future discussion topics.

HRAI thanks writer Bruce Nagy for his contributions to this issue.

In this issue, we will explore several dimensions of the ways in which digital technology is affecting marketing, sales, and supply chains in the HVACR industry. Please have a look at these stories.

  1. Is our industry ready for digital marketing, sales & supply chains?
  2. Amazon age reinvention of the HVAC distribution model
  3. Amazon age repositioning for HVAC distributors
  4. Google Home Services Chapter II - sales and leads

Please note that in this edition we are NOT looking at digitization of HVACR technology itself -- building systems, equipment, controls, and construction industry processes. This is a huge topic area, currently filling books, magazines and blogs. Some parts of it may be addressed in future HRAI newsletters.

Enjoy and please give us your feedback at hraimail@hrai.ca.