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Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. (comprising the former Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas Limited) applied to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) in January for approval of the financial terms associated with extending its current “Open Bill Access” program for 2019 and 2020, including approval for the sharing of net revenues with ratepayers. 

The Open Bill Access program allows third-parties (including a number of HRAI members) to access the Enbridge Gas bill for a fee to bill for services and provide marketing information. The program provides an annual benefit of $5.389 million in rates to Enbridge Gas customers (and a roughly equal amount to shareholders).

Members may recall that this arrangement was struck a number of years ago as a result of the HVAC Coalition challenging Enbridge’s providing this service exclusively to one company, Direct Energy (now Enercare) as part of the purchase and sale agreement struck when that company bought the former Enbridge affiliate Enbridge Home Services.

While it is expected that continuation of the service will be approved by the OEB without too much controversy, the HVAC Coalition leadership felt that the organization should intervene on behalf of members, mainly to ensure that the terms of the program are fair and equitable to member companies that are interested in using the service, and also to ensure that the program still meets the OEB-imposed requirement that the service would facilitate a “level playing field.”  The implications of the Enbridge-Union merger on the program will also be probed.

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