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HUB is looking forward to working with HRAI members to deliver an insurance program that reflects the unique complexities of your risk.  HUB will help your company be prepared for the unexpected. When partnered with us, you are at the center of a vast network of seasoned experts who will help your company stay on target with the right insurance, risk services, and claims management. With HUB, you will have confidence that your business will be protected — through advocacy and tailored solutions that put you in control. 

Whether you are working on commercial or residential projects, HUB can help with protection against the financial impact of general, commercial, professional, automotive, site-specific and other liability claims.

HUB is a big company that stays connected with its market place through hundreds of local offices.  For more information or to get a quote email HRAI.program@hubinternational.com or call Ianna Lee-Inniss 416-597-4016 or Steve Rocchi 416-597-4624, or either of them can be reached at 1-800-232-2024.