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HRAI published an addendum as a supplement to its 5th edition (2014 ed.) of the Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain (RHLG) Manual, to cover the changes introduced in CSA’s F280-12 standard, June 2018 update.

The addendum can be freely accessed at HRAI’s website: https://www.hrai.ca/worksheets

Back in the summer of 2018, CSA published a new update on F280-12 standard: Determining the required capacity of residential space heating and cooling appliances. This update included revisions to ventilation, sensible heat gain calculation formula, increase of default solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) values for low-E, double and triple-glazed windows, and revisions to assumed facing direction for a building when the facing direction of the building is unknown.

While CSA’s F280-12 June 2018 update does not introduce any significant changes to residential heat loss and heat gain calculation methodology that has been taught in HRAI’s current training courses, HRAI has created an addendum package, as a supplement to its current 5th edition of RHLG manual. The purpose is to inform readers about minor revisions made in CSA’s F280-12 June 2018 update. The addendum also includes instructions on how readers should update HRAI’s current RHLG manual.

For those of you who had previously taken HRAI’s Residential Heat Loss and Heat Gain (RHLG) training courses, and for students and instructors who are currently using HRAI’s 5th edition of RHLG manual, HRAI encourages you to access HRAI’s addendum to review the updates made in HRAI’s RHLG calculation methodology, and update the RHLG manual accordingly, as instructed in the addendum.

For more information contact Chang Lee at HRAI, e-mail: clee@hrai.ca