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Groupe Deschênes Inc. (GDI), the largest Canadian-owned company in its sector of activity, announces the appointment of François Deschênes as President and Chief Executive Officer. François previously held the position of Vice President, Operations, for the Quebec Region at GDI.

Martin Deschênes, outgoing President and Chief Executive Officer of GDI announced “after 17 years at the helm of the company, I am very proud that my brother François was chosen to be my successor. His strong commitment to the family business, his leadership and team building skills combined with his numerous achievements will contribute to the growth and success of our business.”

Martin Deschênes assumes the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of GDI and will continue to work on special projects. He will become Chairman of the Board of AD Canada P&H buying group, a position previously held by François Deschênes.

For information please contact, François Deschênes, President & CEO of Groupe Deschênes Inc. at 514-253-3110 or by email fdeschenes@groupedeschenes.com