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Over the past year, HRAI Board and Staff have been working on developing the association’s 3 year strategic priorities. The strategic priorities set the course of action and help the association develop annual objectives to meet these priorities. With a new set of priorities, the association is able to build new or better membership value while maintaining the 4 pillars of HRAI – relations & advocacy, education, communications, and environmental services.

A very important part of this initiative is to gather feedback from members and past members to help determine what the association’s priorities should be. In the spring and summer,  HRAI contacted members, current and past, to get their feedback on what’s important in their businesses for HRAI to hone in on over the next 3 years.   There was also a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes for taking the survey.

We are pleased to announce that:

1st Prize $250 VISA Gift Card
John Warnica, Lowe Mechanical, Winnipeg 

2nd Prize $100 VISA Gift Card
Mani Saeed, Dascan Groundheat, Toronto 

3rd Prize  $50 VISA Gift Card
Charles Moussa, Reznor, St-Lazare (Quebec)

If you missed the chance to be part of the survey and would like to have your say, feel free to contact HRAI’s Customer Service Rep, Vijetha Kumar, 800-267-2231 x241 or vkumar@hrai.ca.