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Readers will be aware that the Government of Canada has entered into discussions with the United States and Mexico on the “the renegotiation and modernization of the existing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Like many other industry associations, HRAI was invited to submit comments for consideration by Global Affairs Canada prior to its entry into these discussions. HRAI’s submission expressed general support for the position taken by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters that NAFTA is

…a model for which all trade agreements should be judged. It has helped increase the standard of living of participants. It has strengthened industry by combining the talents and expertise of each market, creating bigger markets at home and strengthening our combined competitiveness globally. No other trade agreement that Canada has can compare to the historical, current and future importance for our economy or our citizens.

HRAI also suggested that, like any agreement, improvements are also possible. HRAI’s primary concern in re-opening the trade deal is that “regulatory and standards harmonization should remain an objective for all the parties when considering any revisions to the existing agreement.” This is a position shared with allied associations such as AHRI and CIPH.

To see HRAI’s submission, click here.

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