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On March 29th, HRAI Board Chair Bruce Passmore, President Warren Heeley and Director of Programs and Relations Martin Luymes represented HRAI to the Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources. The committee, chaired by Rosa Galvez and populated by 11 senators (1 Liberal, 5 Conservative, 5 Independents), is conducting a “Study on the Effects of Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy.”

HRAI’s presentation focused on the importance of the HVACR industry to life in Canada and, despite its relative anonymity, to the achievement of specific policy goals of the government, including energy efficiency and carbon reduction plans.  The industry is prepared to work with government, but has important conditions, which include the need for a sufficient planning “runway”, the need for regulatory harmonization with the US and among provinces, for clear and consistent signals from government, and for a level playing field. Finally, HRAI suggested that industry consultation is paramount to good program and policy development, because industry has product knowledge and an understanding of marketplace needs.

For more information, including the presentation, transcripts and videos of the proceeding, see https://sencanada.ca/en/committees/enev/Witnesses/42-1, or contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 235 or email mluymes@hrai.ca.