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Acting on strategic direction from members and the Board of Directors, HRAI in recent years has committed itself to be more pro-active at the political level in its dealings with government.  Towards this end, HRAI established a “Political Advocacy Fund” in 2015, with the intent to give the association the ability to act on political issues affecting the industry as needs arise.  The fund was initially seeded from a pre-existing special-purpose fund, and was topped up by contributions from each of the three membership divisions.

On March 21st, HRAI will be holding its first-ever “Day on the Hill” in Ottawa.  Through a contractual arrangement with respected Ottawa government relations firm Impact Public Affairs, HRAI will hold approximately 20 meetings with political leaders, MPs and public servants in relevant portfolios such as Natural Resources, Environment, Regulatory Co-operation, Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and Finance, as well as key ministerial and party leadership offices.  Leading this first initiative will be the HRAI Board of Directors and senior HRAI staff.

HRAI’s mission will be simple.  While delegates will have a couple of key “asks” to bring to elected government leaders, the main goal will be to raise awareness of the importance of the HVACR industry in the everyday lives of Canadians and the role of HRAI in representing the industry.  The industry’s role in the economy will be stressed, but also its potential role in helping government to achieve specific social, economic and environmental objectives.

The day will include a Parliamentary Reception that will allow HRAI leaders to interact with parliamentarians and key staff in a more casual environment.  This initiative is a first-time experiment for HRAI and, depending on the outcomes, it may be scaled up or down in subsequent years.

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 235 or email mluymes@hrai.ca.