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I will be stepping down from my position as President on June 29th and moving into the world of retirement. After more than 36 years with HRAI, I will be starting a new phase of my life that will hopefully include lots of golf, relaxation, more time with my wife April, my daughter Erin and my three (3) grandchildren Hailey, Liam and Ben and other endeavours that will unfold over the next few months.

HRAI has grown significantly since I started in 1982 from an association of around 350 members to today’s total of more than 1300 members. It has been rewarding to see how the industry has evolved over this time and how HRAI has responded to meet the changing needs of our members and the industry it serves.

This is also the 50th anniversary of the amalgamation of the Canadian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association (CRACA) and the National Warm Air Association (NWA) in 1968. This amalgamation created the Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada and brought contractors, wholesalers and manufacturers together under one national association. This step was the vision of our first Board Chair Orvil Davie and a group of dedicated volunteers who saw the need to consolidate the two former associations to create a larger and more dynamic organization to serve the industry.

I want to thank all of the members, volunteers, Directors and staff I have worked with over the years at HRAI. As I have often said, the length and breadth of the HRAI membership and the national scope of our members pretty well guarantees that there will never be a “dull day” at this association. The challenges I have encountered over 36 years have been numerous and with the help of so many members, I believe the association has done a good job of handling them all in a professional fashion.

Thank you once again for letting me be a part of this association and this industry. Good luck to you all and I feel confident in saying I see a great future for the HVACR industry in Canada.