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HRAI representatives Dennis Kozina (Emerson), Jim Thomas (Refrigerant Services) and HRAI President Warren Heeley met with the Montreal Protocol Multi-Lateral Fund (MLF) Secretariat at the MLF offices in Montreal on April 18th to discuss the refrigeration service sector in Canada. Also in attendance were representatives Philippe Chemouny and Stacy Kauk from Environment & Climate Change Canada. The MLF is a fund supported by developing countries who are signatories to the Montreal Protocol that assists developing countries with funding and technical support to meet the terms of the Protocol.

With the adoption of the Kigali Amendment in 2017, the MLF Fund Secretariat is analyzing the challenges and more importantly the opportunities for developing countries in effectively and efficiently phasing out HCFCs and phasing down HFCs in the refrigeration servicing sector. As part of this analysis, they are meeting with industry groups from developed countries to learn about their country’s approach to the HCFC phase out and HFC phase down.   

Because of HRAI’s important role in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Canada, the Secretariat invited HRAI to meet with their staff and discuss this issue in detail. The discussion covered the legal and regulatory framework established to handle refrigerants, technicians’ training and certification programmes, logistics and economics of recovery, recycling, reclamation and disposal of refrigerants; and the characteristics and operation of enterprises in charge of installing and servicing refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

The daylong meeting went well with the HRAI reps providing a great deal of information about the topics discussed in regards to Canada’s approach to these subjects. The Secretariat staff felt the discussions provided significant insight into the sector and assistance to their analysis of the challenges for developing countries.

For more information, contact Warren Heeley at 1-800-267-2231 x227 or email warren.heeley@hrai.ca .