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Over the past number of months HRAI has been very active at the Federal Government level with various HRAI Staff and Board members attending meetings in Ottawa. Readers may recall that in August HRAI made a “Pre-Budget” submission to the Federal Standing Committee on Finance.  This came as a result of previous meetings held with several members of the committee during HRAI’s “Day on the Hill” in the spring.  A number of follow-up meetings were held by staff with the fall to support the submission.  This week, HRAI learned that the Committee accepted most of the recommendations in their final report to Parliament and the Minister of Finance. This is a win for HRAI members to know that HVACR Industry is being heard by the Federal Finance Committee on budget considerations.

The report, entitled Cultivating Competitiveness: Helping Canadians Succeed, contains 99 recommendations for the upcoming federal budget.  Chaired by MP Wayne Easter (P.C., M.P. for Malpeque, Prince Edward Island), the Committee’s consultations and subsequent recommendations play a key role in the development of the federal budget.

The report includes the following recommendations, which were taken almost verbatim from HRAI’s submission:

Recommendation 92:  Leverage the expertise of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sector in Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy by:

  • Developing a pool of capital that can be leveraged to encourage private sector financing for commercial building retrofits;
  • Implementing a federal tax credit for investments in technologies that reduce carbon emissions and improve energy performance in buildings;
  • Supporting industry-led and managed incentive programs for specific low-carbon technologies; and
  • Funding the “market transformation road map,” which was developed by Natural Resources Canada in consultation with the provinces/territories as well as key industry stakeholders, to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Other recommendations in the report pick up on the submission of Efficiency Canada, of which HRAI is a member:

Recommendation 93: Prioritize implementing the energy efficiency actions in the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change by:

  • Making new buildings more energy efficient by working with provinces/territories towards the adoption of a “net-zero ready” model building code by 2030.
  • Developing and adopting a model building code for existing buildings by 2022, requiring labelling of building energy use by 2019, and expanding building retrofit efforts, including through the creation of an energy retrofit tax credit for Canadians’ homes.
  • Improving energy efficiency for appliances and equipment, including through new standards for heating equipment and other key technologies.
  • Working with Indigenous communities towards improved efficiency standards and the incorporation of efficiency into building renovations.

These recommendations are not the final step in the budget process and there will be further work required to flesh out the details, but HRAI is pleased to have the support of the committee.  It is also worth noting the “dissenting opinions” filed with the report by the opposition parties (PC, NDP) do not take issue with any of the recommendations of concern to HRAI.

For a full copy of the report click here.

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 235, or email mluymes@hrai.ca.