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On June 14th, HRAI Director of Programs and Relations Martin Luymes joined representatives from other industry groups in a stakeholder consultation session hosted by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) on “Canadian Regulatory Cooperation: Moving Forward Together.” Delegates heard constructive reports from TBS and the US Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) concerning the status and future of the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC).

The general message provided by representatives from both the Canada and the US was that the RCC remains an official priority policy area for both governments, though neither could guarantee how RCC would be affected by the NAFTA re-negotiations. Staff on both sides of the border are making strong cases for the economic benefits of regulatory harmonization and co-operation. One of the highlighted successes to date of the RCC process was harmonization of energy efficiency standards for consumer and commercial products, including HVACR products.

Officials encouraged stakeholders to continue to present fact-based submissions showing the need to harmonize standards and regulations, with a specific emphasis on the potential economic burden to industry and consumers of not doing so.

HRAI will continue to follow developments in relation to the work of RCC, especially in the context of unfolding trade talks.

Click here for a copy of a summary presentation.

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