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HRAI is pleased to announce that the “Canada’s Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program” is now available online for those individuals who do not have access to an in-class course or prefer online learning.  This online program will allow individuals to work through the modules at their own pace, providing review questions throughout the modules along with a quiz at the end of each module.  The quizzes are designed to assist in the learning process and do not count towards their final exam mark. 

Who Should be Taking This Course

Those who require the ODP/ODS Certification for the purchasing and/or handling of refrigerants throughout Canada, to fulfill provincial and federal regulations.  This certification is NOT a trade license or trade qualification.

To register or learn more about the course, go to https://www.hrai.ca/odp-ods or contact HRAI at 1-800-661-3369 or by email at odp/ods@hrai.ca.

The “Canada’s Ozone Layer Protection Awareness Program” is managed by HRAI for Environment Canada and the provincial Ministry of Environments.