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As reported previously, HRAI’s Career Promotion Committee has been reactivated and is continuously working on various marketing initiatives that will assist in the promotion of career opportunities for young people in the HVACR industry. 

The Committee would like to “reboot” its “Career Ambassadors” program. The Ambassadors, from across Canada, talk to the key target audience: young people aged 16-21 years. Opportunities to speak on behalf of the industry at Career Days at schools and Career Trade Shows come up on a regular basis and HRAI would like to be able to mobilize informed, energetic and committed volunteers to respond to the call of duty.

To help develop this group of “Industry Ambassadors”, HRAI is formally asking individuals that work for HRAI Member Companies to contact Maame at menyimayew@hrai.ca or 905-602-4700 ext. 271 to express your interest.

The only thing you will be asked for in return is to be willing and prepared to attend career promotional events, when called upon, to promote the merits of pursuing a career in the HVACR industry.