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HRAI, via its membership in the National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC), has been advocating for Federal Prompt Payment legislation for the last ten years.  It is with great satisfaction that HRAI can report that a commitment to such legislation was made at meetings with stakeholders on January 30th.  The announcement was made at the Public Services and Procurement Department headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec during a roundtable meeting.

HRAI reported in its December edition of HRAI E-Insight Newsletter that the Government of Ontario passed Bill 142, which amended the Construction and Lien Act, after thorough review and sector-wide consultation. The Bill will ensure general contractors receive payment from owners in a timely fashion, and that sub-contractors and suppliers benefit from similar prompt payment terms.

“This is certainly encouraging news for all trade contractors that work on federal projects,” said Warren Heeley, President of HRAI.  “We expect and have already seen other provinces taking action on lien act reform or prompt payment legislation based on the passing of Bill 142 in Ontario and now on the heels of this Federal announcement.” added Heeley.

HRAI will continue working with the NTCCC to assist local and regional groups in provinces that are forging ahead with their own legislation.

For more information, contact Scott Papp at spapp@hrai.ca  or 1-800-267-2231 ext 233.