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 eRenovate is a leading edge digital technology offering Canadian Consumers access to a community of only licensed and insured renovators and trades, known as Verified by eRenovate™  Pros.

This revolutionary app helps homeowners effectively describe their project needs using photos, videos and a project survey.  When local HVAC projects are posted, the contractor is notified immediately, and can review photos, video and detailed answers to get a good sense of the job.  Communication can easily be sent to the homeowner with a non-binding estimate range and optional video intro.  Homeowners review the contractor’s reply and business profile via the App or website.  The homeowner may request a meeting on-site to have the contractor provide a written quote. Contractors only reply to the leads that interest them.

 eRenovate is a Member Advantage Program Partner with HRAI. Thus, this entitles HRAI members to receive a 30% discount from the Trade Plan annual fee, and 5 lead categories instead of the standard 3 categories.

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To register for eRenovate use the special HRAI member link:


 For more information, please contact:  Tom Cordeiro,  eRenovate, at tom@erenovate.com or 416-875-9848.