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Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey announced the designation of ADR Chambers Inc. (the “Authority”) to act as Authorized Nominating Authority under the Construction Act (the “Act”).  This is an essential next step to the full implementation of a first-in-Canada prompt payment regime to support the construction industry in Ontario.  Ontario’s leadership will cut through red tape, help create and keep jobs, and attract investment to the province.

ADR Chambers Inc. has significant experience delivering alternative dispute resolution services across a broad range of sectors and industries. In its capacity as the Authority, it will be responsible for overseeing the new adjudication regime by performing the duties and services set out in the Act and supporting regulations. Some of the key services the Authority will provide are:

  • developing a website to enable parties to learn about adjudication and access services;
  • developing and overseeing training programs for adjudicators;
  • qualifying individuals who meet the prescribed requirements as adjudicators;
  • maintaining a fee schedule, a code of conduct for adjudicators, and a complaints procedure;
  • appointing an adjudicator to a dispute from a roster of qualified professionals it will maintain, if requested by the parties; and
  • publishing educational materials regarding the adjudication process, and an annual report containing aggregated information regarding adjudication in Ontario.

The Authority will operate independently of government and will be self-funded.

The Authority was selected following an open Call for Applications designed to evaluate the organizations that applied for the role. The Ministry retained Dentons Canada LLP to act as an independent fairness monitor for the application process, and the process was administered by Ernst & Young acting as an independent due diligence provider.

The Authority is currently preparing for regular operations and developing an adjudication website that will include information about the Authority’s process to qualify as an adjudicator.

For more information contact Scott Papp, Manager, Membership & Divisional Programs or call 1-800-267-2231 ext. 233.