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Peter Love has written a textbook as a resource for professors and students at colleges/universities as well as industry personnel whose jobs would benefit from a better understanding of energy efficiency.  The book is available for download free of charge at http://energyefficiencyfundamentals.org/textbook/

The book consists of three sections. The first covers theory, policies and programs and includes 31 figures and 85 definitions. The second consists of seven case studies and includes chapters on four provinces (Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia).  The third has various materials that may be of interest to industry advocates and stakeholder groups, such as templates for cabinet submissions, briefing notes and building assessments.  The first section of the book will be interesting reading for anyone with an interest in a general overview of energy efficiency policies and programs in Canada.

HRAI has agreed to provide information and materials to the author to keep the book up to date.