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As recently reported, HRAI has been part of an active discussion with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) about federal support for investments in energy efficiency and low carbon solutions in the commercial retrofit market.  A number of initiatives are in development at the moment.

On July 19, ECCC announced the launch of the Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) Project stream, which is a sub-stream of the Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF).

This announcement follows the Government of Canada’s announcement in May 2019 that it was making new investments to help small and medium-sized businesses be more productive and competitive as they reduce their energy costs and take action to reduce pollution.

Under the SME Project stream of the Climate Action Incentive Fund, a portion of federal fuel charge (carbon tax) revenue from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick will be used to support small and medium-sized businesses in these provinces, such as restaurant owners, farmers, truck drivers, and convenience and grocery store owners.

Small- and medium-sized businesses could be eligible for funding of up to 25% of eligible costs for energy-efficient retrofits and other projects to improve energy efficiency, reduce their energy use and save money.  Eligible rebate amounts are $20,000 CAD to $250,000 CAD per project and per recipient (i.e. funding for projects ranging in size from $80,000 to $1,000,000).

For clarity, the definition of “SMEs” is:

  • Small-sized incorporated enterprises of 1-99 employees
  • Medium-sized incorporated enterprises of 100-499 employees

This program is in addition to Canada’s Accelerated Investment Incentive and allows for 100% stacking with other government funding.

The 90-day application period opened on July 17. Project applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis (until funds are used up).

Under this program, the following funding allocations have been made (based on funds collected from each province):

  • Saskatchewan $21.3 million
  • Manitoba $9.3 million
  • Ontario $72.4 million
  • New Brunswick $3.7 million

Please note that applications must come from persons authorized to represent the companies that will be receiving the rebates, but HVACR contractors and others can assist client companies in preparing their applications.  This presents a great opportunity for contractors to sell energy efficiency and reduced GHG building and equipment retrofits.

An Application Guide and Form can be found at the following site: SME Project stream web page.  For a step-by-step guide to preparing applications, go to Appendix A.

There is also information on the site about how to contact ECCC for assistance.

For more information, contact Martin Luymes at 1-800-267-2231, ext. 235, or email.