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Another step has been taken towards green building support from the federal government in Canada. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Green Municipal Fund (GMF) has issued a long-awaited call for applications for projects that differ from past levels of government initiatives for clean building systems.


This follows announcements during 2019 that it would help cities establish deep energy upgrades to buildings through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and similar proven programs.

HRAI members who are installing heat pumps, energy recovery ventilators, heat pump water heaters and products related to modern low-carbon buildings will be able to offer end users stronger incentives than ever before to make the switch. Cities will have more funds available, new programs, and backstop guarantees through the FCM.

A closing deadline for the first round of GMF Community efficiency financing has been set for June 30, 2020. Rules include:


  1. All Canadian municipal governments
  2. Their project partners, which includes:
    • Private sector entities
    • Indigenous communities 
    • Municipally-owned corporations
    • A regional, provincial or territorial organization delivering municipal services
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Not-for-profit organizations
    • Research institutes (e.g., universities)


To be eligible for this call for proposals, your initiative must:

  • Provide financing and related services that help homeowners retrofit their homes for energy efficiency or install renewable energy
  • Meet all of the prerequisites listed below

FCM is looking for programs with multiple benefits, including:

  • Address barriers homeowners face when undertaking energy retrofits
  • Provide proof-of-concept/replicable models that other municipalities can use to deliver energy financing initiatives
  • Engage a range of stakeholders
  • Demonstrate strong environmental, financial and social benefits, either directly to your community or through replication in other municipalities


To ensure this call for applications is accessible to all Canadian municipalities, FCM will fund two types of financing models:

  1. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing undertaken by municipal governments
  2. Third party lending with municipal support (e.g., utility on-bill financing, non-secured loan products)

Funding for local energy programs must support the following types of initiatives in existing low-rise residential buildings (e.g., detached, semi-detached, row housing):

  • Energy efficiency improvements (e.g., insulation, heating and cooling systems, windows, doors) and/or renewable energy installations (e.g. solar rooftop PV)
  • Up to 30% of GMF funding for other home improvements such as water conservation, climate resilience, and health and safety improvements prioritized by a municipality

Additional details can be found at: