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24Efficiency Canada, the voice of the energy efficiency sector in Canada, has launched a PR campaign aimed at putting a human face on the industry. “Right now, policymakers don’t recognize that many of the people they represent are part of the energy efficiency industry,” said Corey Diamond, executive director for Efficiency Canada (EC). “Our plan is to create opportunities for energy efficiency workers to connect with each other around shared pride and shared challenges.”

He notes that 436,000 people are employed in energy efficiency across Canada and the biggest challenge the industry faces is that its work is largely “invisible.”

The campaign involves connecting energy employees to each other and collecting their stories. Several HRAI members have volunteered to be featured in the campaign, including a geothermal installer in Ontario, an efficiency workshop presenter in Alberta, and a building energy system designer and consultant in Vancouver. EC will share their stories and others with policymakers and the public at large through social media, online promotions and mainstream media.

The goals of the “Our Human Energy” campaign are to demonstrate the human impact of energy efficiency work, make energy efficiency more visible, put the focus on economic potential, not politics, and to keep the Canadian economy strong.

If you are employed in energy efficiency, Efficiency Canada invites you to “join the movement”, click here.