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As previously reported here (Oct 2017), the province of Alberta has formalized the acceptable process for implementing the manufacturers’ ban on the use of gas furnaces for construction heat.  Standata Gas Safety Information Bulletin G-01-17 has now received Ministerial approval.  This document is intended to guide municipal inspection authorities, builders, contractors, gasfitters and owners.

As of May 1, 2017 the manufacturers of gas heating appliances supplied in Canada, known as residential style furnaces, changed their certified installation instructions to restrict these furnaces from being used to heat buildings that are under construction or being renovated.

Furnaces may now only be used as a source of heat after construction is deemed complete.  Buildings would be considered under construction/renovation where dusty conditions exist, such as those created from installing drywall or textured finishes.

A furnace certified to ANSI Z21.47/CSA 2.3 that bears an indication that it is not to be used for heating buildings or structures under construction, could be used once drywall, texture and priming of interior surfaces is complete, including clean-up that would be required to minimize dust and debris.

This form may be utilized as an example of an activation form to ensure an unapproved furnace is not used for heat during construction.

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