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On June 4, 2018, HRAI learned from Scotty Greenwood, of the Canadian American Business Council,that Canada and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding about the future of regulatory cooperation between our two countries. “In light of the understandable concern about trade rifts and threatened retaliation, the event this afternoon comes as a welcome ray of sunshine in the way our two countries do business together” said Greenwood. 

The two governments pledged to work together to find ways to streamline and/or mutually recognize regulations that are important to citizens on both sides of the border. The next step will be a published Request for Information in which the White House will seek input into what future regulatory cooperation initiatives should contain.

After seeing some significant progress towards regulatory harmonization under the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC), HRAI and many other industry groups had concerns about the process being derailed over the past year, especially in light of recent developments on the trade front. This as a major step forward in a long-standing (but sometimes standing-still) bilateral commitment.

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