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CleanBC Better Homes Program Notification – HVAC

From CleanBC: Program Updates for October 1, 2019

Contractor Participation Incentive

  • The long-awaited $50 contractor participation incentive is being mailed out this week. This is a $50 payment to the installing contractor for qualifying heat pumps for space or domestic hot water heating that are fuel switching from natural gas, oil, or propane. These payments are issued automatically for all installs dating back to September 28, 2018.
  • NEW: An additional $50 contractor participation top-up for installs in Saanich, North Vancouver, and Whistler.
  • NEW: An additional $300 contractor participation top-up for installs in the City of Vancouver.

Electrical Service Upgrade Rebate

  • NEW: $500 electrical service upgrade rebate for homeowners needing to upgrade their electrical system to accommodate a qualifying heat pump (for space or for water heating) in homes that are fuel switching from oil, propane or natural gas.
  • NEW: An additional $500 electrical service upgrade top-up for installs in the North Vancouver, Whistler, Powell River, Saanich and Vancouver (for a total incentive of $1,000).

$6,000 Fuel Switch All-Electric Heat Pump Top-Up in City of Vancouver

  • NEW: The City of Vancouver is offering a $6,000 top-up for homeowners that replace their gas primary heating equipment with an all-electric tier 2 heat pump system, up to a maximum of 80%of installed cost. Added to the CleanBC rebates for heat pumps and electrical service upgrades, that’s a $10,000 rebate! Note they are still offering the existing $2,000 top-up.

Other Municipal Top-Up Changes

  • NEW: Some municipalities are now offering top-ups on heat pump water heaters, of $350 or $1,000. Contact Grant for chart details
  • Heat pump top-ups have been added or changed in several municipalities - see the attached chart for details. Stay tuned for more municipalities signing on in January.

Qualified Product Lists

We are introducing a program-qualified Heat Pump list to make it easier for customers to find out if their quoted models are eligible. The heat pump must be listed on the qualified heat pump product list to be eligible for rebates. All models that are eligible under the current program criteria will be on this list. To find qualifying heat pumps, visit bchydro.com/qualifyingheatpumps after October 1. 

We are also introducing a list of program-qualified Air-to-Water heat pumps. The list can be viewed at betterhomesBC.ca/qualifyingairtowaterhp come October 1. This means that homeowners will no longer be required to get pre-approval. For get an advanced copy of this list, contact grant.moonie@gov.bc.ca.


Printed Materials

CleanBC Better Homes has shipped program guides and rack cards to distributors and contractors. This literature can be used to promote the program, and as a reference for you on rebate details. If you would like to receive additional program literature, please email betterhomesBC@gov.bc.ca with your request. Please note one omission in the program guide rebate table: As of October 1, there will be also be a $500 electrical service upgrade incentive. 


We are accepting requests for educational program outreach seminars at HVAC distributors throughout the province. If you or your distributor are interested in having an event, please contact Grant Moonie at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources at grant.moonie@gov.bc.ca or call (778) 698-5381. 

Online Contractor Resources

We have assembled links to useful program resources for contractors that you can read online or print out, including program updates. These can be found at betterhomesbc.ca/contractor-support. This will be updated and added to regularly.

If you have any program questions, please contact the Program Coordinator, grant.moonie@gov.bc.ca or reach out the CleanBC Better Homes Energy Coaches at 1(844) 881-9790