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HRAI  is  proud  to  offer  one of its highest rated programs among participants, its annual  Financial  Benchmarking Program administrated  by  Ron  Coleman. 

In its 23rd year, this business program provides HVACR Contractors with a confidential financial analysis of their business operation. Contractors can use the information to benchmark their businesses with businesses of similar sales numbers.  This is considered the ultimate business tool to continuously improve your HVACR contracting business.

“HRAI’s Financial Benchmark Program by Ron Coleman is the best way to gauge the results of a year’s hard work and how we stack up against our competitors. The feedback on what we are doing right (and wrong) is invaluable.” states HRAI Contractor member, Tom McDonald of McDonald Mechanical.

Participants receive two reports: An industry report and their own individual company report, including interpretative commentary and recommendations for strategies for success.

Mr. Coleman will also give participants access to a google drive that will contain:

You Charge WHAT Per hour

How to market your business to generate higher charge-out rates

What’s in It for Me – the Language of Sale

Our customers are not interested in us; they are interested in what we can do for them. This booklet will show you how to ensure you are talking the customer’s language.

Why Small Businesses Fail and what to do about it

Understand the pitfalls you are facing and how to avoid them.

Making your business profitable

Understand the various methods you can use to improve your profitability

Lifetime value of a customer

Understand the lifetime value of a customer, why it is so important to you and how you can increase it and other critical information for HVACR contractors.

In addition, each participant will receive a copy of Ron’s latest E-book Attract and Retain Top Employees.

To register for the program please contact Lynn Bartoshuk or call at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 264 or download the registration form.