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The Alberta government has increased funding to skilled trades initiatives aimed at elementary and high school students. Under a program called Careers: The Next Generation, the province will add $6 million a year until 2023. The funding increase doubles the number of schools involved in the program to 1,000 and quadruples the number of learning opportunities. Schools are offered age-specific programs, including internships, apprenticeships, camps, workshops and mentoring.

According to the province, nearly 20,000 skilled trade workers are expected to retire over the next five years. And that number will grow to more than 45,000 in 10 years. High-demand trades will include mechanics, industrial mechanics, millwrights, and construction workers, according to Alberta Labour.

Some Energy Efficiency Alberta programs scrapped

The Alberta government has also ended Energy Efficiency Alberta rebate and incentive programs. Existing commitments will be honoured, and applications approved before Oct. 24 will be processed for payment. Programs affected include custom energy solutions, custom energy solutions-methane emissions reduction, business energy savings, online rebates, home improvement rebates, home energy plan, and affordable housing energy solutions

Other programs such as the green loan guarantee program, the efficiency professionals’ network, strategic energy management, and on-site energy manager will continue. Training opportunities are also still available.