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Innovations in clean energy, new refrigerants and electronics continue to lead the way, as reflected by award winning products announced at this year’s AHR Expo in Atlanta January 14-16. Some of the interesting category winners are reported here.



The big winner was enVerid Systems, which took best New Product of the Year for its indoor air scrubber module, the HLR 1000E-M. The technology is designed to lower energy waste from HVAC systems, and reduce the amount of outside air needed for ventilation by 60-80 percent. Energy savings are 20-30 percent with peak capacity reductions of 10-20 tons. The HLR 1000E-M removes molecular contaminants, including carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air. It’s compliant with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 (IAQP) and the international mechanical code (IMC).


Johnson Controls won in the cooling category with the York YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, a fully-optimized chiller with impressive efficiencies that uses R-1233zd. It has a GWP of 1, low toxicity, low-pressure, and is nonflammable. Energy efficiency for the YZ is reported at as low as 0.1kW/ton, and even less in off-design conditions, where typical fixed-speed chillers experience performance issues. It could cut electricity consumption by 35 percent. Features include a variable-speed magnetic bearing compressor, high-speed hermetic induction motor, falling film evaporator, adaptive capacity control logic, and cloud-based analytics.


The OptiFlex virtual integrator from Automated Logic won in the building automation category. It supports up to 50,000 data points from a single computing point, eliminating the need for multiple hardware gateways, which often require costly materials and labor, and have installation limitations due to space constraints in most mechanical rooms. It supports BACnet IP and Modbus TCP/IP, the two most commonly used IP-based protocols, as well as a new pluggable technology that allows protocol additions.


IAQ SmartAir from CPS Products is a smart tool for identifying, diagnosing and solving IAQ issues. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and allows professionals to create on-site customer reports and job quotations. It walks professionals through the measuring process and provides a compiled list of IAQ issues and potential solutions based on collected and analyzed data.


The Universal ERV from Energy Wall took the ventilation category with an energy recovery ventilator that is three times smaller and lighter than current available technologies. It weighs just 90 lbs., and the modules can be hand-carried and assembled on site, with a single duct connection, point-of-power and control. It’s great for redundancy for mission-critical facilities, is compliant with UL 900 fire/smoke standards, and operates in all six orientations.


Emerson’s new fractional-horsepower, low-temperature compressor uses liquid injection technology and cooling discharge temperatures to reduce compressor stress and meet federal regulatory requirements. The Copeland Scroll won in the refrigeration category due to its wide-range, multi-refrigerant capability, and quiet, low vibration operation. It’s a good choice for supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores.


The Series 490W Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit from Dwyer Instruments beat the competition in the tools and instruments category. It’s a Bluetooth manometer designed to provide accurate and easy operation when measuring the pressure drop of HVAC balancing valves via wireless sensors. You can select valves from a predetermined list or input them manually. It can monitor the flow of up to three valves at a time, making it faster and easier for one person to balance a hydronic system.

HRAI congratulates all the winners. The runners-up in each category are also worth learning about. The AHR Expo awards report can be found here.