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As has been shared in recent newsletters, TSSA is transforming the way they work and you have an opportunity to provide your feedback. HRAI is working closely with TSSA and the Ontario Chapter Presidents to ensure HRAI members are aware of and adding their input to the significant changes at TSSA. 

To date, TSSA have met with members of the HRAI Greater Toronto Area Chapter on November 29, members of the HRAI National Capital Region on December 4th and members of the HRAI Golden Horseshoe Chapter on January 16th.

(Dec. 4), the GTA (Nov. 29).  Both presentations garnered significant discussion and input from members to the TSSA representatives in attendance.

Given the important relationship between TSSA and those in the HVACR sector, HRAI is planning to hold four more meetings.

January 29th – HRAI London Chapter (London)

February 12th – HRAI Kawartha Lakes Chapter (Peterborough)

February 18th– HRAI Loyalist Chapter (Kingston)

February 26th – HRAI Essex-Kent-Lambton Chapter (Windsor)

The goals of these consultations are:

  • To inform our members as much as possible about TSSA’s changes, and
  • To give you the opportunity to provide your input. 

Speakers and the topics to be covered include:

  • Phil Simeon, Director, Regulatory Policy:
    • New Business Model: TSSA is working to redesign its existing business model including examining its current fee structure for all its activities. 
    • Modern Regulator: TSSA’s is moving towards more proactively promoting a culture of safety and compliance. A key aspect of this change is an increase in analysis of available data to identify organizations that most need the help and education regarding compliance and to identify devices with higher safety risks. 
  • Sandra Cooke, P.Eng. Ombudsman:
    • Ombudsman and Whistle Blower Policy: Members were reminded that TSSA has an Ombudsman Officer. This role exists to assist stakeholders in resolving or addressing any issue prior to initiating more formalized processes.
  • The local TSSA inspector in the area.

Note: All dates and times are subject to change – for the latest information please visit the HRAI Chapter Events Page or contact Scott Papp, Manager Membership & Divisional Programs at 1-800-267-2231 ext. 233 or e-mail: spapp@hrai.ca